I honestly do not know what this project actually is. Is it a logotype? Is it a visual profile? It was definately an experimental student project. I guess it is some kind of graphic design-work, inspired by and representing the dark, rainy winters in the west-coast of Norway.

Simplification was a big part of the process. I walked around town taking photographs, then re-working them in Illustrator by simplifying the lights of the picture in various ways, transforming my impressions into graphic shapes, mostly circles. I then reworked the impressions even more, creating simplified illustrations of the rain and colors I've observed, and then constructed a logotype based on the projects title Lyspunkt* as a kind of graphic "compression" of the visual observations.

More images, even some GIFs, coming soon!

* "Lyspunkt", og "Light points/spots" roughly translated from Norwegian. However, there is a dual meaning to the title in its original language, where "Lyspunkt" also can mean "a light at the end of a tunnel" - something positive. I thought the title to be kind of fitting since the winter is basically dark and depressing here in the north.
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